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03 Oct 2023 by Steve Hill in Editorial


My new blog

25 Sep 2023 by Steve Hill in President's message published September 2023


This is a test

05 Jul 2018 by Steve Hill in President's message published July

this is the summary

President's message: Society prizes and awards

14 Feb 2018 by Stephen Hill in President's message published February 2018

This is the time of year when the Society looks to its members to help us recognise and celebrate the achievements of individuals in the pharmacology community.

Affinity Groups update - Cardiovascular & Respiratory Pharmacology Affinity Group

01 Feb 2018 by Christopher Garland, Jillian Baker in Affinity groups published February 2018

The Cardiovascular & Respiratory Pharmacology Affinity Group aims to provide a supportive, inclusive forum for Society members with an interest in all aspects of cardiovascular and respiratory pharmacology.

Prescribing Assessment: News from the UK and Internationally

29 Jan 2018 by Simon Maxwell published January 2018

Prescribing is a core activity for all healthcare systems and most of the doctors who work in them. The average member of the public in the UK will be in receipt of around 20 prescriptions annually which are intended to treat current illnesses and symptoms or prevent future disease.

Guide to PHARMACOLOGY and the Concise Guide to PHARMACOLOGY 2017-18

19 Jan 2018 by Stephen Alexander, Adam Pawson published January 2018

There are many ways in which the British Pharmacological Society promotes pharmacology. Some of the more visible routes include the organisation of scientific meetings, as well as education and policy work. Alongside the publication of its three peer-reviewed journals, the Society also supports the IUPHAR/ British Pharmacological Society Guide to PHARMACOLOGY database (GtoPdb), a free online resource for pharmacologists and scientists in related disciplines. Here, Steve Alexander and Adam Pawson reflect on the Concise Guide to PHARMACOLOGY (CGtP) 2017/18 and the database that underpins it.

President's message: my priorities for 2018

10 Jan 2018 by Stephen Hill in President's message published January 2018

As I begin my term as President I want to update you on my priorities for the year ahead.

Pharmacology Careers in South Africa

08 Jan 2018 published January 2018

Current university applicants are at the interface of two generational cohorts: they are sufficiently old to relate to the values and entitled attitudes of generation Y millennials, but young enough to embrace the more socially conscious generation Z with their concerns for fairness, equity and justice. These digital natives inhabit a hybrid space between generations that hold divergent views on technology and ethics.