Young Life Scientists Symposia

We have, along with the Physiological Society and the Biochemical Society, up to £3,000 available to help young researchers organise a conference. You will create a programme for a one day conference with 70-130 attendees. Organising an event will give you the opportunity to:

  • develop your networks

  • work with other scientists
  • raise your profile in the scientific community
  • calculate and manage a budget
  • select abstracts and oral presentations
  • create and manage a website


To be eligible your committee members will be young researchers. The conference will need to:

  • link to pharmacology, biochemistry or physiology

  • be one day, with optional social event in the evening


To apply you will need to submit your proposal by 6 April 2018.

Your application needs to include:

  • an outline of the subject and reasons for choosing it

  • preliminary programme
  • provisional budget plan, including any sponsorship raised to cover extra costs
  • details of other events that could be part of the conference, such as a careers fair or social event
  • CV from each committee member
  • supporting letter from each committee members supervisor
  • a speaker list

Think about the diversity of your speaker list. We recommend at least 30% of speakers are female. If your speaker list is not diverse then you will need to submit a brief outline about why this was not possible.

Send completed applications to

Representatives from each society will review all proposal applications. The successful applicants will receive guidance and support throughout the organisation process. Although you will be the primary organiser.

Top tips to organising your event

  • Encourage all attendees to submit posters

  • select speakers from poster abstract submissions
  • Keep your topic inclusive to the disciplines of young researchers
  • Choose three invited speakers, many high profile speakers are willing to accept invitations
  • Think about raising sponsorship to cover extra costs, such as prizes
  • consider including networking sessions, CV clinics, careers events, workshops
  • Find a venue in larger accessible cities - University campuses' work well
  • Think about how you with market your event

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