Abstracts guidance & advice

Please consult the documents below before submitting an abstract to a British Pharmacological Society meeting:

Publication of proceedings

The proceedings of general and most focused meetings are available online in pA2online. Clinical abstracts published before December 2012 can be found in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology; from January 2013 clinical abstracts are also published in pA2online.

Citing an abstract

It is recommended that members refer to their published abstracts as outlined below:

From the 1st BPS Focused Meeting, Bristol, Spring 2003 up to and including the University of Newcastle, Winter 2004 Meeting: Proceedings of the British Pharmacological Society at http://www.pa2online.org/Vol1Issue1abst001P.html

From the University of Cambridge, Summer 2005 Meeting: 
Proceedings of the British Pharmacological Society at http://www.pa2online.org/abstracts/Vol3Issue2abst001P.pdf

Society meetings abstracts

Abstracts from our scientific meetings are published online.